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Hit the ground running with our beginner's running kit collection. Whether you’re trying to boost your fitness levels or just enjoy the outdoors a bit more, we have created this collection to help you find the best gear to get started. With shoes designed to support your feet and ankles and clothes designed to battle all types of weather, our collection is created to help improve performance and comfort so you can get the most out of your running journey.

What to wear for running when first starting out

When you start running it’s very important to have the right gear, as wearing uncomfortable shoes or putting too many or not enough layers on can hinder your performance. As a runner, you’ll want to focus on stamina and not how sore your feet are. This collection features a wide range of beginner-friendly running gear to help you get started.

Running shoes for beginners

Shoes are arguably the most important piece of running equipment, as your feet take a large portion of the impact from the exercise, so you’ll want to make sure you find something comfortable. There is no hard and fast rule of what type of shoe a beginner should wear, however, as it is a very personal choice and different styles provide different benefits. You’ll first need to consider where you will be running. Something with more grip will be better for off-road and trail running, but if you’re only planning to run on paths and roads, you’ll have more options as a strong grip shoe won't be as necessary. Running shoes should generally be well-cushioned to provide bounce to take the impact when running, as this will lower the amount of strain on your feet and ankles which will lower the risk of injury or discomfort. That said, a more lightweight shoe can offer better speed, so which you choose will depend on your goals. Soft-toe shoes are a great choice as they tend to be more comfortable, but the main thing you’ll want to focus on is finding shoes that fit your feet well. A good pair of running shoes can make or break your experience and be the determiner as to whether you continue running or not, so spending time researching is key. Check out our running shoes buyer’s guide to help you.

Running clothes for beginners

The clothes you wear while running will change from season to season, so having a range of running clothes from shorts and vests to sweatpants and thermal jackets will give you the best options so that you can run whatever the weather. In winter you will want to add some layers, including a long-sleeved base layer to help conserve heat along with thermal leggings or track pants, a hat, gloves and a high visibility vest are great for running during those dark winter mornings and nights. But remember that you will heat up whilst running so don’t make the mistake of layering up too much! In summer you’ll want to make sure you keep things nice and breezy, some shorts and a comfortable shirt or vest will do.

The best socks for running

A good pair of socks are essential for running, in summer you will want something more breathable as sweaty feet can cause blisters and soreness, in winter you’ll want something thermal to retain the heat. When picking out the best socks for running you’ll want something with sweat-wicking fabric, mesh ventilation, and a snug fit for optimal comfort and performance whilst running.

Running accessories for beginners

Running accessories can make or break your running experience and they can make your journey beyond beginner level much easier. For example, try a running belt, a lightweight and adjustable belt to hold your essentials such as your phone, water bottle, and more. Running belts are often made from sweat-resistant material too so you don’t have to worry about the added layer around your waist. Depending on the time of day you’re running you may need a high visibility vest, these are especially helpful in winter as the days become shorter and you may find yourself running in the dark a lot more. You can add some sunglasses and a visor to help keep the sun away from your eyes in summer, and a visor or sports cap can also help to keep sweat away from your eyes so you can run worry-free.

Running watches for beginners

Utilising a tracking gadget while running can make the whole experience more enjoyable. Having a watch or fitness tracker to monitor your progress can help with motivation and consistency, and having an armband for your phone so you can listen to music will keep you pumped up even when approaching those intimidating hills. While gadgets and watches aren’t essential they can make the journey from beginner to advanced runner a lot easier.

These running essentials will help to set you up for success as you begin your running journey, with each item in this collection specifically selected with beginners to the sport in mind.

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