Gift Cards

If you’ve been lucky enough to receive an e-Gift Voucher, we’ve got you covered. If your Gift Voucher starts with SCGIFT, take out the SC at the start of the code and type the following voucher code during the checkout. Et voila, it's that simple.

To use the type of gift card shown above you will need to combine the 16 digits you’ll find underneath the barcode with the 4 digit scratch off pin number.
So using the example on the card above you would enter 88039999001057894113 as your gift card number.

If you are still having issues please contact Customer Services via email with the following information:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Whether or not you already have an existing account with us
  • Gift card number (the 16 digits you’ll find underneath the barcode)

We will reply within 48 hours with instructions on how you can proceed.

Any further questions? Head to our FAQ page to see if we have the answers for you, but if you need any further assistance then please contact Customer Services via email, phone or Live Chat.