Collection: Bike Stems & Handlebars

Looking for new bike stem product? Shop a wide range of bike handlebars and stems at Start Fitness, including stem clamps. Whether you’re looking for lightweight handlebars or an adjustable clamp to customise your ride, you’ll find what you’re looking for here from a top cycling brand.

Bike handlebars are for more than just grip — they contribute to the weight and balance of your bike. When mountain biking, you’ll want the best mountain bike handlebars you can find that are lightweight to allow for better movement and lifts. Here, you’ll find MTB carbon handlebars as well as road bike handlebars for road biking, plus many more besides.

We can also provide you with road bike and MTB stem clamps you need to securely fit your handlebars and keep them safely in place. Lightweight yet sturdy and stiff, these stem clamps are designed with both durability and performance in mind.

For improved grip on your bicycle handlebars, we recommend our bike grips and handlebar tape range. All our cycling products are from top biking brands, so you know that whatever you choose will be reliable and help you achieve your fitness goals. Place your order before 4:00pm for next day delivery options at checkout.