Kids Bikes

Start Fitness has everything your child needs to start their cycling journey, from your toddler's first balance bike. A bike with no pedals, your toddler propels themselves forward using their feet like a scooter, this builds up their confidence and improving the balance on two wheels letting them move off to their first pedal bike. With a large collection Frog bikes that are ideal for transitioning from balance to pedal. Frog bikes have full aluminium frames and are therefore ultra-lightweight, perfect for your child’s first pedal bike with age range of 3 to 4 and junior bikes for up to 7-year olds.

As they advance their cycling and move on to their first Mountain, Road or BMX bike depending on what they wish to get out of cycling.

Mountain bikes are designed to go off-road, made more durable than other bikes so they are able to perform better over the rough terrain. Mountain bikes feature wider handlebars to give your child better balance and wider Knobbly tyres to handle the various terrains. Available with the choice of full-suspension or hardtail with front suspension, the suspension makes crossing the rough terrain easier and with less physical stress on the body.

Road bikes are designed for speed and use on road, this means you can only ride these bikes on tarmac or pavement. These bikes are lightweight, with narrower handlebars for a more aerodynamic riding position. The thin and smoother tyres designed to reduce the resistance between the road surface and the tyre, with enhanced speed.

BMX bikes are fantastic starter bikes for beginner and younger riders due to their compact size and simplicity, designed to be reliable and strong with a single gear, these bikes are a lot smaller than mountain and road bikes. These are more commonly associated with BMX freestyle where riders perform stunts in the street and skate parks, but these bikes were originally designed for Bicycle Motocross (BMX) races. BMX races are a fast paced and action packed competition, taking place on a dirt or tarmac track jumping over the mounds on the track, with these events lasting a full day.