Collection: HIGH5

If you’re looking for an energy boost for your next workout, the products in this HIGH5 range are a great option for you. Whether you’re running, cycling, or hitting the gym, this HIGH5 nutrition collection will give you the hit you need to elevate your fitness performance. The brand has established itself as a trusted source of energy for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, providing a convenient and effective way to reduce fatigue during intense workouts. Shop the full HIGH5 sports nutrition collection below.

We have a variety of different types of energy boosters to choose from in this range, including the particularly popular HIGH5 energy gels. These are one of the most loved energy gels on the market, and we have plenty to choose from in this range in multiple flavours. This includes the light and refreshing HIGH5 aqua gel, ideal for first timers, as well as the brand’s standard energy gel range with 23g of carbohydrate energy. We also stock a slow-release energy gel, with slowly digesting low GI carbohydrates to provide longer-lasting energy for lengthy fitness sessions.

If gels aren’t your thing, the brand produce a wide variety of other sports nutrition products too. Here you’ll find a selection of HIGH5 electrolyte tablets and powders to create refreshing and revitalising energy drinks, including HIGH5 zero tablets for a zero-calorie electrolyte drink. And for those looking for something solid, a HIGH5 energy bar is the choice for you. They are a quick and convenient source of energy making them ideal for athletes on the go — plus, they contain one of your five a day.

Whether you opt for a HIGH5 energy gel, recovery drink, or bar, you’ll need the right fitness gear to make the most of your energy booster. We stock a variety of men’s and women’s sportswear for a range of different types of fitness. And make sure to explore our wider collection of accessories for more sports nutrition, as well as fitness technology, headwear, and exercise equipment.

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