Collection: Water Bottles & Cages

Shop at Start Fitness today for a Fidlock water bottle or for a water bottle from one of the other high-quality brands we have on offer. Find the right gear to keep you out on your cycling routes, whatever terrain you’re taking on. Buy online today and browse the collection.

Start Fitness has the water bottle you’re looking for, whether you’re after a water bottle with straps or a specialised bike bottle. It’s important to stay hydrated throughout your training sessions, workouts, and races, and having a water bottle on-hand helps to make sure you continue to drink enough water.

Different water bottles are optimised for different sports, with bottle cages being important to hold the bottle onto a bike when you are cycling and other ultra-light bottles being well-suited to running. We also stock biodegradable bottles so you can be sure you are being good to the planet as well as yourself when buying from us.

Choose from a variety of brands in our bottles and shakers collection, such as Castelli, EVOC, and Topeak, and all our brands are picked for their quality so you can be sure you’re getting a great deal. As well as our water bottles and cages, we also stock plenty of gym and running accessories, so you can find all the other additions you might need for your sport.

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