BMX & Jump Bikes

BMX Bikes are fantastic starter bikes for beginner and younger riders due to their compact size and simplicity, designed to be simple and strong with a single gear, these bikes are a lot smaller than mountain and road bikes. Whilst BMX bikes do make perfect first bikes for younger riders, there is no age limit on who can ride these bikes. BMXs were originally designed as race bikes to compete in Bicycle Motocross events, hence the BMX title. BMX races are a fast paced, action packed competition, taking place on a dirt or tarmac track featuring jumps and banked corners or ‘berms’. Since its formative years in the 70s, BMX has developed from a competitive racing sport to more of a lifestyle activity. BMX has split into two basic categories, race and freestyle, with latter including ‘free riding’ in the streets, trails or dirt jumps and skatepark riding.