Collection: Bike Wheels & Freehubs

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Buy road bike wheels and more at Start Fitness today and get the right wheels for the terrain you’re going to be tackling. For example, you’ll need thinner, more streamlined wheels for road cycling, and thicker wheels with grip for off-road and dirt biking.

When you’re out biking, it’s important that your bike wheels are designed to withstand the kind of ground you’ll be encountering. If you are about to take on a longer cycling route, or try out some off-roading, it’s useful to upgrade your wheel setup. Even if you aren’t trying anything new, having new wheels can give you the edge you need to push your performance, especially when you need something sturdier like mountain bike wheels.

Whether you’re looking for 29-inch carbon wheels, a mountain bike wheelset or anything else, we have what you’re looking for at Start Fitness. We also stock bikes, whether you’re looking for road, electric, folding or mountain bikes — and we have bike frames if you prefer to build your own.

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