Collection: Cycling Glasses

Protect your eyes during sunny bike rides with a pair of cycling glasses from Start Fitness today. These cycling glasses come in a range of styles and designs, so you’re sure to find a pair you love here. With polarised options for enhanced vision, a pair of cycling sunglasses for men and women from this range is sure to help you stay safe on your journey. Shop the range now.

If you’re an avid cyclist, a good quality pair of cycling sunglasses is an absolute must. These cycle glasses are designed to stay on your face when biking at high speeds. We stock options with 100% UV protection, and many of these glasses come with nose pads for enhanced comfort. We also stock bike glasses with straps for extra security when travelling at particularly high speeds or for journeys with tight bends.

Of course, we all know how changeable the Great British weather can be. For those unpredictable days, we also have a selection of cycling photochromic sunglasses, which darken in sunlight and fade back to a clear state when you go indoors or if the light outside darkens.

Our range includes men's and women’s cycling sunglasses from some of the most popular cycling brands on the market. Here you’ll find Endura cycle glasses, as well as options from 100%, Scott, Fox Racing and more.

These bike sunglasses are sure to help you enjoy riding in the sunshine. And if you’re looking for even more cycling accessories, check out our range of cycling bags and technology for tracking your journey. We also have a fantastic selection of cycling clothing and bike footwear for you to explore, so browse the full range now.

Shop the Start Fitness collection of cycling sunglasses for UK next day delivery options. Buy now and get the option to split your order over three interest-free instalments.