Collection: Men's Wetsuits

Browse for a men’s wetsuit at Start Fitness and find the right wetsuit for your swimming outing. You can choose from long-sleeved and short-sleeved wetsuits, as well as ones crafted to deal with different temperatures and weather conditions. So, you can make sure that you have the right clothing to keep up with water sports such as outdoor swimming, sailing, and kayaking throughout the year.

Shop for men’s winter wetsuits and others in our range to choose one for your swimming, triathlon, or kayaking trip. Here at Start Fitness, we know that the wetsuit that you choose can really make a difference to both your comfort and performance when you’re taking part in your sport, and so we have curated a collection of the best options to provide you with a great choice.

Your wetsuit should of course be comfortable, but particularly for swimming wetsuits, it will also need to be flexible, allowing you to move freely in the water. A good wetsuit will also cling at the wrists and ankles so that when you reach out to swim, you don’t experience water coming in through the arms.

Winter wetsuits are made out of thicker neoprene than summer ones, and they therefore have better insulation and can allow you to continue to enjoy your chosen sport during the colder weather. As well as winter and summer wetsuits, we also offer full swimming and triathlon sections, including men's swimming clothing, as well as men’s clothing for other sports.

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