Collection: Sunglasses

Explore the range of sports sunglasses at Start Fitness today. Keeping your eyes safe in the sun is important all the time, including when you're getting active, which is why we stock a vast collection of sunglasses for exercise. As well as being the perfect choice for people looking to get active outdoors, our sunglasses are incredibly stylish and versatile too, so you can wear them when you're on a run or just soaking up the sun.

The range of women's and men's sunglasses on offer at Start Fitness is ideal for getting active outdoors. We have a great selection of running and cycling sunglasses, which are specially designed to help you achieve your best performance on the brightest of days.

For example, our collection of Goodr sunglasses are designed to fit the face snugly to eliminate the risk of them falling off mid run, and have a special slip coating so sweat won't be a problem. We also stock wrap around sunglasses which are both less likely to slip off the face during vigorous activity, and ensure that sunlight can't peak through the edge of the glasses to disrupt your workout.

But this collection isn’t just functional, it's stylish too. These products come in a wide range of colours and designs, so whether you're looking for white, pink, or black sunglasses, you'll find exactly what you're after in this collection.

If you like the range of sport sunglasses we have on offer, you may also want to check out the rest of our accessories. We stock a great selection of water bottles and caps for working out on hot days, as well as bags, headbands, and headphones, so browse the full range now.

Buy sunglasses for sport at Start Fitness today and get the option of UK next day delivery if you place your order before 4:00pm. Shop now.