Collection: Race Number Magnets & Spike Pins

Look for race number magnets at Start Fitness today and get ready for your next race, whether you’re an experienced athlete or a newcomer to the sport. We stock good quality replacement spike pins and race magnets so that you can rest assured you can trust in your equipment on your next outing.

Buy spike pins and race number magnets at Start Fitness today and get the pieces you need for your next outing, whether it’s a local or advanced race. If you haven’t competed before, race number magnets are used to keep your racing number on your back throughout your race, to help identify you.

We also stock a range of replacement spike pins so that you can refresh your running spikes and make them last for many races to come. Having running spikes is an important part of kitting yourself out to race, as they offer more grip and support than other running shoes, so it’s worth keeping them in good condition.

As well as the replacement spike pins, here at Start Fitness we also stock the running spikes themselves, including cross country spikes and sprint running spikes. Shop our full running collection too, which includes plenty of footwear and running clothing.

Buy spike pins at Start Fitness today and get next day delivery options on orders made before 4:00pm. Shop online today.