Collection: Weightlifting Footwear

If you’re looking for weightlifting shoes, Start Fitness has plenty available for you to choose from. The shoes that you wear when doing weight training can make such a difference to how comfortable and productive your workouts can be. Using shoes that are supportive, provide necessary cushioning and help with balancing your centre of gravity can really contribute to your lifting, so look through our collection and find the right shoes for you. Buy online now.

Explore the Start Fitness range of shoes for weightlifting and find the best weightlifting footwear for your feet and your fitness routine today. Having shoes that are specially made for weightlifting can offer you much more stability when you complete your lifting movements, due to the increased support offered and the height of the heel.

If you are squatting, deadlifting and doing other free weight exercises, your footwear is particularly important and can allow you to push yourself much more effectively each training session. The elevated heel of these shoes brings more effective ankle motion and provides an increase in mobility to the shins with support. It will therefore be easier for you to drop your weight as low as possible, while also maintaining strong posture.

Our collection includes adidas, as well as a great range of Reebok weightlifting gear, and we have a number of models to choose from so you can find the right one for you. For gym workouts, we also stock a full gym collection, which includes clothing and accessories as well as footwear.

Browse our collection of weightlifting trainers, and find the perfect pair to give you the support you need when you’re training. Buy online now and get next day delivery on orders made before 4:00pm.