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Muc-Off Bottle For Life Punk Powder Bike Cleaner Bundle
Kick single-use plastic in the nuts! We take caring for our planet as seriously as our riding, so we wanted to create the ultimate bike cleaning bundle that has the lowest possible impact on the environment.Included in the bundle you’ll...
£39.99 £35.90
Muc-Off Punk Powder Bike Cleaner - 4 Sachet Pack
Some bike cleaners out there have a carbon footprint bigger than the Jurassic Park T-Rex, but not us. We’re always looking for new ways to reduce our plastic and water usage along with our CO2 output; so we got cracking...
£24.99 £22.90
Muc-Off Rain Shield Re-Proofer 250ml Spray
Braving the elements? Then grab our new Rain Shield Re-proofer spray. It creates a cutting edge DWR (Durable Water Repellent) layer on all types of technical clothing.It is a simple to use ‘spray on’ waterproofing treatment, designed to restore factory...
£9.99 £9.90
Muc-Off 2 In 1 Microfibre Wash Mitt
We all know the dangers of using the wrong tools for the job of cleaning, unsightly swirls in the paintwork, degrading the finish over time. We developed the 2 in 1 Microfibre Wash Mitt to get around this problem, it’s...
£6.99 £4.95
Muc-Off Family Cleaning Kit
Love riding with your tribe? Make bike-cleaning a family affair with our Family Cleaning Kit. Many hands make light work especially when combined with our 3-step Clean, Protect & Lube process that is simple enough for the kids to lend...
£49.99 £29.95
Muc-Off Multi Purpose Bio Grease 150g
FRESH out the bowels of Muc-Off Research and Development comes the NEW Bio Grease! Designed specifically for bicycle use, Muc-Off Bio Grease possesses a unique formula that prevents corrosion and water ingress so your bike’s components will last long into...
£14.99 £11.99
Muc-Off Indoor Training Kit
As colder weather sets in and the days get shorter, many of us turn to the indoor trainer for some slightly warmer miles. The Muc-Off Indoor Training Kit keeps the germs at bay and contains all the items needed to...
£39.99 £32.00
Muc-Off Frog Bikes Clean & Lube Kit
Want to get your kids interested in working on their bikes? Or just want a hand to keep them running whatever the weather? Introducing the Muc-Off Frog Clean & Lube Kit. We’ve teamed up with iconic British children’s bike brand,...
£17.50 £13.95
Muc-Off Ultimate Tubeless XC-Gravel Setup Kit
The Muc-Off Ultimate Tubeless Kit contains everything needed to get a tubeless-ready wheelset set up and ready to roll. Each Kit contains a Muc-Off Tubeless Rim Tape, Seal Patches, 2 CNC-machined black tubeless Valves and 2 pouches of No Puncture...
£40.00 £24.95
Muc-Off High Performance 750ml Waterless Wash
Muc-Off Waterless Wash is a highly advanced, easy to use spray which cleans and polishes in seconds without the need for water. It details your whole bike, motorcycle or car in seconds leaving behind a streak free shine. Its innovative...
£11.99 £8.95
Muc-Off Miracle Shine 500ml Polish
Let’s not beat around the bush, you want a high quality polish and protectant that delivers a deep and luxurious shine for your bodywork or frame, Muc-Off Miracle Shine is the product for that job. Not only does our Miracle...
£24.99 £14.95