Collection: Turbo Trainers

Browse at Start Fitness today for a turbo trainer and get plenty of choice on premium fitness products from top-quality brands. Turbo training is riding on a static training device indoors, and turbo trainers can be either direct drive or wheel-on, or indeed rollers or a full indoor bike setup. These are essentially treadmills but for cyclists and can be combined with various training programmes to really maximise indoor training sessions. Buy these turbo trainers online today.

Shop for a Tacx turbo trainer along with turbo trainers from plenty of other premium brands today. Tacx are a well-known brand in this area and offer comfortable, reliable turbo trainers that can help you prepare for longer cycling routes and push to your next personal best. Our turbo trainer collection also includes Elite and Wahoo, so there are plenty of brands to choose from.

When choosing a turbo trainer, it’s important to get the right one for you. Consider where you’re going to be using it and what technology you might want included in your bike. You can purchase a smart turbo trainer which includes a Wi-Fi and app connection to plan your workouts, as well as Bluetooth link up to your headphones.

Not only can you buy an Elite turbo trainer here, you can also shop our entire cycling accessories and tech section, which also offers sports nutrition and water bottles and cages, so you can make the most of your workouts. Check out our wider cycling collection too for everything else you need.

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