Collection: Electric Hybrid Bikes

If you’re looking for an electric hybrid bike to make your cycling errands and routes faster, look no further than our collection at Start Fitness. Hybrid bikes mean these bicycles offer both manual and electric cycling, so that you can choose your preferred setting. We stock electric bikes for both women and men, whether you’re looking for a commuting or holiday bike. Shop now.

Riding an E-hybrid bike can be a great way to improve your range, making both longer scenic routes and commutes less arduous. These bikes are also a brilliant option for you if you struggle to keep up with sportier family members or friends, really improving the accessibility of cycling for everyone.

A hybrid electric bike comes with a motor rated 250W or less, and the motor assists the bike only when you’re turning the pedals. They also have a maximum assisted speed of 25km/h, so you shouldn’t notice a huge difference in your speed, and instead the bike should help to reduce the strength needed to keep the bike going.

Riding a hybrid electric bike is much like riding a normal bike, just easier. Make sure to get a big enough battery to cover your normal cycling routes, and then you’re ready to set off. If you are unsure of what type of bike to get, here at Start Fitness we also stock fully electric bikes, as well as mountain bikes, road bikes, cyclocross and gravel bikes. Browse our full collection of bikes at once too if you want to look at all your options.

Shop electric hybrid bikes at Start Fitness today and get next day UK-wide delivery when you place your order before 4:00pm. Buy online now.