Collection: Swimming Accessories

Browse the swimming accessories on offer today at Start Fitness and find the right items to allow you to fully enjoy your next swim, whether you are swimming in a pool or engaging in wild swimming. Whatever type of swimming you enjoy, you should be able to find the gear you need in our selection.

The swimming pool accessories you need will depend on the type of swimming you’re doing, such as outdoor or indoor swimming. For swimming in water below 16°C in temperature, you’ll need a wetsuit, but apart from that you’ll also need gloves, socks and potentially a neoprene hat.

While the equipment you need for outdoor swimming is mainly about keeping you warm in the winter months, indoor swimming gear is designed to make you as ergonomic as possible, so you can push yourself and reach faster speeds. You’ll also want a good quality pair of goggles, so that you can see clearly and not experience chlorine getting into your eyes.

Our swim clothing for men and women can also complete your swimming bag so that you have everything you need. As well as outdoor swimming accessories and swimming pool accessories, you’ll also need the right swimming costume or wetsuit to help you give your best in every session. And as well as accessories, our swimming section contains men’s and women’s swimming items, from clothing to accessories, so you can browse everything at once. Buy now.

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