Folding Bikes

The brainchild of a man that had to cycle to the train station and then leave his bike there when boarding the train, meaning that after leaving the train the rest of his journey was by foot. Fed up with leaving his bike to be vandalised or stolen, he came up with the idea of the first folding bike. The bike is able to be folded down to a size that enabled him to store it underneath his seat on the train and simply and quickly make it up when arriving at the station at the other side.

Folding bikes were designed by commuters for commuters, to be folded down small enough to take them on public transport. If you live in the city where space is an issue and having a full-size bike is impractical, that’s where the easier to store and the space-saving folding bike comes in, yes the might be a bit slower but they are more versatile and are less likely to be stolen as you don’t have to leave them chained to a lamp post or bike rack on the street. At Start Fitness we offer a range of folding bikes from the original folding bike brand Dohan as well as Dawes and the highly-regarded Brompton. We will have something to meet your price range and your needs as a commuter.