Collection: Men's Changing Robes

Browse the Start Fitness collection for a men’s changing robe and find the right one for your next swimming outing. Changing robes are an important piece of gear if you are a keen swimmer. If you do open water swimming, they are essential. They are a great piece of kit and can allow you to warm up sooner after your time in the open water and are as useful for surfers and water sports fans as they are for swimmers.

Look for a men’s surf changing robe at Start Fitness today, and find the perfect robe to keep you warm during your exit from the sea or other open water areas. A changing robe provides a layer for you to dress under when you get out of the water after a swim, allowing you to stay warm, covered and get dry as you change.

Otherwise known as a dry robe, a changing robe is a long robe with towelling on the inside. It is used for changing inside, keeping warm and getting dry after you’ve been in the open water — whether that is the sea or another type of open water. Winter robes will be waterproof and thicker, while summer ones will often just be made from jersey material, and be lighter.

Here at Start Fitness, we stock both winter and summer options from a range of brands, so there is plenty to choose from depending where you’ll be swimming or surfing, and which season you’ll be active in. We also have a full swimming collection that includes swimwear for men and women as well as accessories, so you can kit yourself out thoroughly for your next outing.

Shop for a men’s towelling changing robe at Start Fitness today and enjoy next day delivery on orders made before 4:00pm. Buy online now.