Collection: Mountain Bikes

Shop for a new mountain bike here at Start Fitness today, with a wide range of options to suit all kinds of offroad riding. If you’re a fan of adventure, then we have a bike here that will fit the bill perfectly. We have a wide choice of colours too, including black mountain bikes, so shop the collection today.

The ultimate all-terrain off-road bikes, MTB bikes are at home on mountain trails or getting muddy on a dirt track, with the ability to handle the varied terrain. Mountain bikes have a more robust frame and generally weigh a bit more than road bikes which is why they can handle the rougher ground.

Mountain bikes are fitted with wider tyres and more tread to provide grip when moving over rough terrain and in different weather conditions. Here at Start Fitness, we offer MTBs with a range of wheel sizes too, including 29 and 27.5 inch wheels, so you can choose your preferred option for a more comfortable ride. If you are unsure what would be right for you, or if you have any other questions, then please contact our cycling department or take a look at our MTB buyers guide.

These bikes also feature a ‘flat’, wider handlebar that enables the rider to have more control over a bumpy off-road terrain. Mountain bikes come with higher suspension too, which makes crossing rough terrain easier. Take your pick between full-suspension mountain bikes or hardtail ones with front suspension.

Although MTBs are designed specifically for off-road use, they can still be used on road or tarmac. This versatility is another reason for their increasing popularity. In fact, these bikes are one of the more popular styles of bikes in the winter months thanks to their ability to handle the more extreme weather conditions compared to road bikes, letting you cycle the whole year round.

Start Fitness proudly stocks bikes from mountain biking’s premium brands: Santa Cruz, Cube, SCOTT, and Orbea, as well as fan favourites like Yeti, Orange, Nukeproof, and Ibis. We don’t just have mountain bikes for sale either, because we also stock an impressive selection of electric mountain bikes which come with power assisted pedalling for a faster and more powerful ride.

Shop the collection of women’s and men’s mountain bikes at Start Fitness today and spread the cost of your purchase with out Klarna and PayPal Credit options.