Collection: Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Browse for a new hardtail mountain bike at Start Fitness today and find plenty of choices of premium brands. A hardtail bike is simply one that has a suspension at the front but not the back, which is well suited to some riders and terrains. We stock a range of durable bikes all designed to stand up to the demanding conditions of mountain biking, so you can explore and adventure to your heart’s content.

Shop for a hardtail MTB in our range today. Whether you’re looking for a men’s hardtail mountain bike or a women’s one, we have plenty of choices to offer you. The range of brands we have on offer are all from top-quality, reputable brands: we stock hardtail mountain bikes by Scott, Orbea, and Cube, among others.

Whether you’re looking for a carbon hardtail mountain bike or an aluminium one, we have an array of options. Carbon fibre mountain bikes are often preferred for their sleek look and lightweight feel, while some riders prefer the heavier weight of aluminium for their biking outings. Whatever you choose, we’ve got you covered.

We know that it’s important your bike is comfortable for time out on the trails too, so all of our bikes are selected for their suitability for long rides. Find the bike you need for your next mountain biking route here.

As well as hardtail MTBs, we have a full mountain bike range which also includes electric mountain bikes for extra ease. You can also shop our extensive collection of bike frames and components to customise or repair your bike, and our wider cycling collection includes protective gear too, so you can head out on your next adventure with confidence.

Find a men’s hardtail mountain bike or a women’s one here today and prompt delivery right to your door. Buy now.