Collection: Women's and Men's Gym Tights

Shop women’s and men’s gym tights here at Start Fitness and enjoy our wide range of styles and colours available. We choose only the most durable pieces and brands for our range, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best quality when you browse our men’s and women’s tights. There are also full-length and short gym tights available so you can choose the best length.

Shop gym tights for men and women in the Start Fitness collection and take your workouts up a notch with some extra comfort and style. Having the right clothing to work out in is important to make us more comfortable, and so it’s always worth taking the time to find the right gear for you.

Gym tights are extremely comfortable, made of breathable materials. Many designs also offer slight muscle compression to increase the blood flow in your legs, and therefore the amount of oxygen going to your muscles. This can help your stamina in training and make injury less likely.

Here, you can choose from gym tights from various brands, such as Puma, adidas, Under Armour and Asics. For the rest of your gym attire, we also have our dedicated gym range which includes gym footwear, shorts, bags and accessories. Take your pick and find the best gear for comfortable workouts.

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