Collection: Calf and Arm Sleeves

Looking for a compression calf and arm sleeves? Then look no further than the collection at Start Fitness. We have a range of compression sleeves and calf sleeves on offer here for running to support you with your next training session. Whether you’re a newcomer to running or an experienced athlete, these accessories can be really useful in supporting you. Shop now.

A compression calf sleeve is an elasticated sleeve that provide gradual compression all the way from the ankle up to the knee, supporting the whole calf. When we exercise, the heart pumps oxygenated blood to the working muscle, and once used the blood and waste products like lactic acid flow back to the heart so they can be oxygenated and the cycle can repeat. Compression garments work by fighting the effects of gravity to help with this cycle, keeping your muscles feeling good throughout your run.

By adding some extra calf running support in the form of a sleeve, you can use this compression to help your muscles heal more productively as you work out. This can allow you to heal faster between sessions, and to prevent injuries and strains as your muscles are more prepared to work.

As well as calf sleeves, we stock a full range of running gear here at Start Fitness, which includes running shoes and other accessories so you can ensure that you have everything you need to train. Having the right gear is important when taking part in your favourite sport, as you’ll want to not only be comfortable during your workout, but prevent injuries too.

Shop for running compression calf sleeves at Start Fitness today and get next day delivery options on orders made before 4:00pm. Buy online now.