Collection: Bike Pedals & Cleats

Shop bike pedals and cleats at Start Fitness. In this range you’ll find all the cleats, pedals, and pedal covers we have available for a wide range of bikes, including mountain bikes, road bikes, and more. Improve the power and grip of your bike pedals with any of the products in this range.

SPD pedals and clipless pedals provide excellent traction for your feet when cycling to ensure they stay safely on the pedals. This allows for maximum performance on the trail, during races, or on high intensity rides. In this range, you’ll also find lightweight nano pedals for time trials and sprints.

We can provide you with the best cycling shoes for your bicycle pedals, as well as cycling products for men and women. If you’d like to see more of our cycling range, be sure to browse our cycle clothing which includes shorts and jerseys all designed with real biking in mind.

Shop MTB (mountain bike) pedals and more at Start Fitness today. If you need your order in a hurry, place it before 4:00pm and you’ll receive the option of next day delivery at checkout. If you’re just starting your cycling journey, we can also provide you with a new bike and helmet. Shop now!