Collection: Bike Lights, LED Bands and Head Torches

Don't let seasonal changes or low-visibility conditions limit your exercise regime. Our selection of LED lights can help to keep you safe whilst cycling or during other outdoor sports. In the collection below, you'll find everything from bike lights and mounts to LED arm bands and head torches, so that you can run, hike, or cycle with more confidence when it's dark. These high lumen and reflective sports lights will ensure that you can be seen to oncoming traffic and other fitness enthusiasts, as well as provide you with more visibility of the road or footpath ahead. Explore the full range of lights and light mounts below.

Visibility is key to safety when exercising during dark conditions. Our selection of LED sports lights offer durability and high performance to ensure that you are kept safe, but we'd also recommend pairing these with brightly coloured or reflective clothing. To ensure that you're fully prepared for any unexpected detours or events, especially when cycling or running new routes in the dark we'd also recommend stocking up on sports nutrition aids such as energy drinks and bars to keep you hydrated and satiated until you're back en route.