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About Adidas

History defies everything in sport.

From the moment that Jesse Owens took numerous gold medals in 1936 and  Franz Beckenbauer  debuted the first apparel range in 1968, adidas have been at the forefront of style, choice and, most importantly, comfort.

Although starting and predominately focusing on football, the German based company has worked throughout almost every sport and created some of the most captivating clothing and footwear ever seen. They have been known to work with some of the greatest sports clubs and governing bodies as well as the best sports men and women on the planet, such as Lionel Messi, Jessica Ennis-Hill, David Beckham and Valerie Adams.

Over the years, their footwear has massively evolved, with adidas releasing some of the most famous models of boots and spikes we’ve seen, such as the Predators to the F50, Demolishers to the Adizero Prime and now, boost™ technology, designed to produce a greater energy response, particular in running, that is featuring in almost every shoe since its launch in 2013. With the addition of the Powerweb™, ClimaCool™ and Tech-Fit clothing range, that has revolutionised sporting apparel too – promoting breathability, compression and improvement in performance.

Every year, they release a new product that make jaws drop, performances - greater and something that will revolutionise the sporting world, such as the recently launched and first, boost™ incorporated adidas Adizero Avanti Spikes and Laceless Ace 16 Football Boots.

For running, their unprecedented spikes, racing flats, high mileage shoes, accessories and apparel, have totally flipped the way athletics as well as general fitness is carried out, maintaining a high level of comfort and breathability as well as a vast improvement within competitor’s performance.

Whatever your sport, let Start Fitness bring you the best of our range of adidas to suit your needs to feel and look good!

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