Collection: Electric Bikes

Explore the collection of electric bikes here at Start Fitness today. Using a built-in motor, these power-assisted bikes let you travel further, longer, and at a faster pace compared to traditional models, making them perfect for road cyclists, mountain bikers, and commuters.

An e-bike is an ingenious piece of kit that includes an electric motor that can give you an extra boost as you pedal. This helps you ride faster and further that you would on a traditional road, mountain, or hybrid bike, with less effort on your part. No matter what kind of rider you are, an e-bike can help you cycle further than you’ve ever gone before. However, please be aware that the law in the UK for electric bikes means that the power assistance is limited to 15mph, which is 1mph lower than other countries in the European Union.

We have a range of electric bikes for sale suitable for each style of riding. Electric hybrid bikes are the most popular style of e-bikes, designed for commuters and leisure cyclists, making the journey to and from work or around the city easier and quicker without the need to rely on public transport. Plus, our range of folding electric bikes means you can easily store your bike when it’s not in use, making them an ultra-convenient option.

Meanwhile, more serious riders may prefer an electric mountain bike or road bike from top brands like Cube, Orbea, and Cannondale. E-mountain bikes are designed for all terrains, with the use of pedal assist making climbing up steep inclines easier and quicker, letting you enjoy more descents which are where MTB riders have the most fun. Electric mountain bikes are available as either a hardtail or a full-suspension bike, depending on your requirements.

While electric bicycles benefit from more power, they do have an additional weight which does make it more difficult to walk and push the bike. The extra weight of the bike is due to the burlier fame that is needed to take the battery and electric drive motor. Most electric bikes weigh upwards of 15kg or 30lbs which means these are some of the heaviest bikes on the market.

The batteries on the e-bikes take a varied length of time to charge depending on the manufacturer and bike. On average, an e-bike will take around 3.5 to 6 hours to fully charge from flat. This one charge will give you a range of 30 to 45 miles, which is than plenty for any daily commuter or one day ride.

All of our electric bikes and electric hybrid bikes are suitable for adults, and we have styles for both men and women. So, buy an electric bike today and spread the cost with our hassle-free finance options.