Collection: Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Shop for a full suspension mountain bike at Start Fitness today and find plenty of choice on fantastic, durable bikes that will stand up to those demanding conditions out on your trail routes. We know that the type of suspension you choose for your mountain biking is highly personal, and so we offer every type of suspension for you to choose from. Buy online today.

Shop for a full suspension MTB from our collection today. The type of suspension you go for is the biggest decision when buying a new mountain bike, and the benefits of full suspension is that it offers a suspension for the rear wheel as well as a suspension fork for the front. This means it offers comfort and traction when you’re out on the trail.

As the rear wheel conforms to the trail by the tracking over the road’s bumps, the ride becomes much smoother and much more comfortable. Depending on the type of terrain you are tackling, this can be very noticeable from the saddle of the bike. So, check out all these full suspension mountain bikes, whether you are looking for an electric mountain bike or manual one.

Not only do we stock full suspension mountain bikes, we also offer a full collection of mountain bikes which includes mountain bikes for women too if you are looking for something that specific. Check out our full bikes collection as well, which includes plenty of other choices, such as BMX jump bikes and hardtail MTBs.

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