Collection: Men's Triathlon

Browse the Start Fitness range of men’s triathlon gear to get kitted out for your next race. We stock a range of items, including plenty of men’s triathlon gear, including men’s triathlon clothing, for you to feel comfortable and prepared, whether it’s your first triathlon or your tenth. Doing triathlons, or the training involved, can often feel daunting even for athletes experienced in other sports, so having the right gear is paramount to help you perform.

If you’re looking for a men’s triathlon wetsuit, we have plenty of options here at Start Fitness. When choosing a triathlon wetsuit, it’s worth remembering that it should fit like a second skin. It shouldn’t be too loose, as this will disrupt the triathlon suit's ability to trap heat inside it and keep you warm in the water, but it shouldn’t be too tight and restrict your movement either.

Buying from one of the reputable, high-quality brands we’ve chosen for our collection at Start Fitness will ensure that your wetsuit is durable and has a great fit. Choose from brands like Orca and Speedo for a selection of top triathlon gear.

As triathlon training needs to be split between all the various elements, you should also check out our men’s swimming, cycling and running collections to ensure you have everything you need for each session as well as the race itself. You can also check out our full men’s range for clothing and footwear for a variety of different sports.

Shop men’s triathlon shorts and more at Start Fitness today and enjoy next-day delivery on orders made before 4:00pm. Browse the online range now.