Collection: Mens Swimming Gear

Browse the selection of men’s swimming gear here at Start Fitness and find a range of iconic brands like Speedo, Orca, and HUUB. Here you’ll find top-of-the-range swimwear, equipment, and accessories, so whether you’re looking for men’s swimming caps, safety buoys, or earplugs, we’ve got something for everyone. Shop now to enjoy our price match promise.

Within our broad choice of men’s swimming caps, you’ll find sleek designs that will reduce drag in the water and help you stay buoyant with specialised neoprene foam. Paired with the wide selection of men’s swimming goggles on offer here at Start Fitness, you’ll be ready to reach new lengths in the water.

As well as swimming kit for the pool, we also stock a selection of men’s open water swimming gear, including neoprene gloves and boots from top brands like Zone3 and HUUB to keep you warm during cold, early morning swims. If you’re heading out into open water like lakes, rivers, or the sea, make sure you stay as safe and visible as possible with our range of safety buoys and floats.

If you’re an avid swimmer be sure to check out the rest of our swimming range online today. As well as our selection of men’s swimwear, we also stock swimming kit for women and kids, including swimming accessories like goggles, caps, and earplugs. Be sure to check out our water sports range, too, where you’ll find wetsuits and paddleboarding equipment to help you get ready for your next outdoor adventure.

Shop for men’s swimming gear at Start Fitness and enjoy prompt delivery and stress-free returns within 30 days of purchase.