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Stay cool and confident this summer with our collection of running essentials suited to the season. Designed to protect you from the sun and provide enhanced ventilation with a lightweight feel, these styles can help you to maintain peak performance during summer training sessions and running events. Featuring everything from summer running hats to sports sunglasses and hydration products, we’ve got you covered so that you can run without limitations. Even better, if you sign up to our newsletter you’ll receive 10% off your first order, making now the perfect time to buy your summer running outfits.

What to wear when running in summer

While most of us long for warm sunny days, the harsh sunlight can be a risk for runners due to glare and uncomfortable heat. If you want to optimise your performance so you can continue your training through the hotter season, you’ll need to invest in some quality summer running clothes. We recommend using the following items to ensure that you stay protected against sun damage, glare, and heat.

A lightweight jacket

The British summer can be unpredictable, and a lightweight jacket will help you to be prepared for changing weather conditions. Whether you’re looking for an extra layer of protection to prevent sunburn, or an added layer of warmth for early morning or late night runs, a lightweight jacket is essential. Opt for a jacket with added ventilation panels and adjustable features so you can customise your level of air circulation.

A summer running hat

A sports cap is a must-have item to prevent sunburn on your scalp and keep the sun out of your eyes. Choose a hat that is machine washable, made from lightweight materials and contains mesh panels to increase airflow and keep you cool.

Sunglasses for UV Protection

Sports sunglasses with polarised lenses and UV protection will help protect your eyes from harsh sunlight glare and block out reflections from the road. Look for a pair that offers a snug fit to reduce bounce and preferably, a pair with non-slip coating so that your sunglasses will not slide because of excess moisture or movement. 

A hydration carrier

Hydration is always important, but particularly when it comes to running in the heat. Make sure that you have an aerodynamic hydration backpack on at all times, as well as some additional sports drinks or gels on-hand to help restore much needed electrolytes.  

Summer running tops

Superlight running vests will not only help to keep you cool, but they’ll also provide a more comfortable fit as they won’t cling to your body or cause friction-induced irritation on the hotter days. We’d recommend opting for a perforated material to increase ventilation which can help to draw excess moisture away from your body.

Breathable shorts

Running shorts will help you to feel more comfortable in the heat than leggings or track pants. If you’re trying to keep your summer running outfit as lightweight as possible to avoid restricting movement, try opting for shorts that have a secure pocket to store any small belongings. It’s also best to choose moisture-wicking materials to ensure optimum comfort.

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