So you want to buy a bike but you don't know where to start? With hundreds of brands, models and riding styles out there it's easy to feel overwhelmed with choice.

Navigating the world of cycling can be tricky, which is why we've simplified the different types of bikes to help point you in the right direction.

Understanding why you want a bike, where you're going to ride it and how you'll use it are the first few steps towards finding your perfect bike.

Whether it's a weekend adventure on your local trail, or a once in a lifetime race, finding your perfect bike is crucial in ensuring you get the most out of every ride.

Mtb Guide


From scenic country trails to steep and speedy rocky descents, mountain biking covers a variety of disciplines and riding styles. Cross Country (XC),

Trail, Enduro and Downhill bikes all offer totally different experiences, and knowing which one is right for you will take your cycling to a whole new level. The question is, are you ready for it?

Mountain Bikes

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Road bikes offer a perfect balance of precision, agility and speed for fast & light riding over paved surfaces. Subtle changes in the engineering of these bikes make some more suitable for racing, others for long distances and also touring, as well as the obvious workplace commuting.

Road Bikes

Eraod Buying Guide


Electric bikes are fitted with a battery-powered electric motor that aids the rider's pedalling efforts, meaning you can go further and faster while using less energy. E-mountain bikes have quickly gained popularity for their ability to get you back to the top of trails faster and with less effort, so you can focus on what matters most - the super speedy descent!

Electric Bikes

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Gravel bikes are designed with comfort in mind, with faster rolling, longer wearing and heavier-duty tyre. These bikes are designed for dirt roads & gravel tracks and often feature a wide range of gears for higher speeds and slow climbing speeds.

Gravel Bikes