Run Happy: A guide to Brooks running gear

Run Happy: A guide to Brooks running gear

History of Brooks Running Gear


Originating in 1914 in a small factory in Philadelphia, making ballet slippers and bathing shoes, Brooks has remained committed to creating specialised footwear for decades. Over the years, Brooks moved into creating gear for mainstream sports, from baseball cleats to roller skates and football shoes, before finally beginning the journey into running shoes in 1972. In 1974, Brooks created its first running shoe, the Villanova, which put it on the map with other popular running brands at the time.

Brooks was among the first to create specialised technologies for footwear, from developing the industry-first use of EVA soles and the first feature of GORE-TEX, Brooks has been at the forefront of footwear innovation for years. Responsible for creating the Varus Wedge and Kentic Wedge technology which solved many problems for runners with overpronation and stabilisation, it’s no wonder Brooks is so highly recommended by podiatrists and runners alike.

Today, Brooks is highly regarded as one of the best brands for running gear. Expanding from running shoes into activewear, Brooks offers a wide range of sportswear designed with your performance and comfort in mind. 


Why is Brooks so popular?


Brooks believes that a run can change a day, a life and the world. Dedicated to inspiring customers to run, Brooks is committed to the belief that every run can bring you closer to your best self and leave you feeling better than before you started. That’s why Brooks is so popular, for their devotion to creating great running gear specifically designed to support each customer’s unique running experience.

Using thorough research on runners of every shape, strength and running ability, Brooks footwear is tried and tested on real-world runners to ensure each detail is purposeful and helps to improve your performance in each step. The long history of the brand itself and its impressive reputation amongst runners and podiatrists, makes Brooks known for reliable support, smart technologies, quality materials and plush comfort. 

In addition to its popular running shoes, Brooks also has a wide range of activewear designed to equip you with everything you need to run comfortably.


What are the different levels of Brooks running shoes?


When searching for the right pair of running shoes to fit your needs, the options can be overwhelming, which is why Brooks has divided their footwear into three categories that offer different experiences. The three categories are; 

  • Cushion - soft and protective shoes designed to cushion your every step, such as the Brooks Glycerin.

  • Energy - responsive technology to add extra lift to your stride, such as the Brooks Levitate.

  • Speed - streamlined shoes to propel you through your run and help increase speed, such as the Brooks Hyperion.

Here at Start Fitness, we offer a wide variety of Brooks running shoes to suit different running needs.


Brooks running shoes for a neutral gait 



Brooks Glycerin 21 Men’s Running Shoes


Brooks Glycerin 21 Women's Running Shoes


If you’re looking for an everyday neutral shoe, the Brooks Glycerin Running Shoes are ideal.  Perfect for those with high arches, this running shoe offers supreme softness with nitrogen-infused, DNA LOFT v3 cushioning and a broad platform that helps to stabilise your foot and promote smooth heel-to-toe transitions. With a new and improved fit, these trainers feature a breathable, warp-knit upper that allows for greater flexibility and an accommodating fit while ensuring it stays soft against your foot.


Brooks running shoes for support 


Adrenaline GTS 23 Women’s Running Shoes


Adrenaline GTS 23 Men’s Running Shoes 



For an everyday support shoe, the Adrenaline GTS 23 Running Shoes offer the perfect balance of support and softness to ensure a smooth ride across every mile. Newly updated with lighter DNA LOFT v2 cushioning, these shoes prioritise your comfort when running and use Brooks’ GuideRails® technology to add support where you need it, by keeping excess movement in check. Reacting to your unique, natural stride, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23 shoes have been engineered with an air mesh upper and 3D Fit Print to offer structure, breathability and comfort.

Brooks race day running shoes

Hyperion Elite 4 Running Shoes 


If you’re looking for the perfect running shoe for race day, the Brooks Hyperion Elite 4 Running Shoes are the pair you need. Designed to help you chase down personal bests, the Hyperion Elite 4 road-racing shoes feature lighter-than-ever cushioning layered high to absorb impact as you run. Offering distraction-free comfort with a carbon fibre propulsion plate to propel you forward and a snug, breathable fit, these shoes guarantee to deliver a smooth, ultralight ride from start to finish. 


Why buy Brooks running shoes?


Whether you’re an avid runner or new to the sport, Brooks comes highly recommended by podiatrists, athletes and everyday runners alike. Due to their supportive design, unique technologies and durability Brooks trainers are one of the most highly regarded running shoes on the market. Offering a wide array of designs to fit various running styles and foot shapes, Brooks shoes are lightweight, breathable and supportive.


Get the most out of your runs with Brooks


If you’re interested in seeing what Brooks has to offer, browse through our full Brooks collection to find the perfect running shoes and clothing to suit your running needs.