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High 5 Zero Caffeine Hit Electrolyte Hydration Sports Drink Tablets

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A refreshing, great tasting zero calorie electrolyte drink with a sugar free caffeine hit.

ZERO Caffeine Hit is a refreshing sugar free electrolyte caffeine drink with zero calories that makes it simple and easy to stay hydrated. When you sweat, you lose vital minerals so it's important that they are replenished. With key electrolytes, sodium and magnesium, ZERO Caffeine Hit gives you what water can't.

One tablet of ZERO Caffeine Hit contains 75mg of caffeine, about the same amount as in a cup of coffee. When taking part in tough sports events, caffeine contributes to an increase in endurance performance and capacity. That means you can go further than before! It also helps to increase concentration and reaction time.

This scientific formula includes Vitamin C to support a healthy immune system, protect cells from oxidative stress and reduce tiredness and fatigue. The magnesium in ZERO contributes to electrolyte balance, whilst also supporting muscle protein synthesis.

ZERO is designed to be taken BEFORE, DURING and AFTER exercise and in hot weather.


  • 75mg Caffeine per serving
  • Light & refreshing electrolyte drink with natural fruit flavours
  • Improves concentration and increases alertness
  • Reduces tiredness and fatigue
  • Sugar free with zero calories
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Reduces tiredness and fatigue
  • Contents: 20 tablets per tube
  • Suitable for a wide range of sporting activities


What are the electrolytes in ZERO Caffeine Hit?
There are 5 electrolytes in ZERO Caffeine Hit: Magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium and chloride.

Can I add these to a water bladder like a camelback?
Yes, but some of the natural colouring used in ZERO Caffeine Hit can stain the bladder if left in there for longer periods of time. You can continue to use your bladder with the discolouration.

Is this product Vegetarian/Vegan?
Yes, ZERO Caffeine Hit is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

Does this product contain caffeine?
ZERO Caffeine Hit contains 75mg caffeine per tablet.

Is this product natural?
ZERO Caffeine Hit contains natural flavourings and colourings.

Is ZERO Caffeine Hit drug free/free from banned substances?
The main manufacturing site for HIGH5 products, where we make our gels and powders, is Informed Sport certified. We do not use banned ingredients in HIGH5 products and have a 100% proven track record: no athlete has ever tested positive from using a HIGH5 product.

Can I recycle ZERO Caffeine Hit packaging?
The tube and label are fully recyclable (you just need to separate them from each other). The lid is also recycleable if if you pop the silica balls out from the top. This can be done by removing the cardboard protective layer inside the lid.

Example Ingredient and Nutritional information below is for the pink grapefruit flavour.

Typical Values Per 4g % RI*
Magnesium 56mg 15%
Potassium 70mg 3.5%
Calcium 9mg 1.1%
Vitamin C 28mg 35%
Sodium 250mg -
Green Tea 1mg -
Caeffeine 75 mg -

*Reference intake of an average adult(8,400 kj / 2,000 kcal)

Acidity Regulators (Citric Acid, Malic Acid), Sodium Bicarbonate, Firming Agent (Sorbitols), Magnesium Carbonate, Sodium Citrate, Potassium Citrate, Natural Flavourings, Caffeine, Beetroot Concentrate, L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Calcium Carbonate, Sweetener (Sucralose), Leucine, Black Carrot Concentrate, Curcuma Powder, Colour (Riboflavins), Green Tea Leaves Extract (Camellia Sinensis O. ktze), Sodium Chloride.

Contains caffeine. Not recommended for children or pregnant women. (75mg/4g)

Why Choose HIGH5?

Champions of taste - We’re here to end the idea that sports nutrition which genuinely works and supports your body, should taste artificial.

Scientifically formulated - We push the theoretical science and real world testing to create sports nutrition products that will benefit you, helping you go further than before.

Tested By Pros - Partnering with world-class athletes, like BORA - hansgrohe, ensures that HIGH5 products will not let you down, no matter how tough it gets.

Over 25 years experience - Started by two British Triathletes in 1994, we’ve always been about making effective products for our fellow endurance athletes.


Product Code 027492T-CaffeineHit-Pink Grapefruit
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High 5 Zero Caffeine Hit Electrolyte Hydration Sports Drink Tablets