Collection: Salt Stick

Browse the selection of Salt Stick products available here at Start Fitness and discover the most convenient, effective way of replacing valuable electrolytes lost during exercise.  Perfect for endurance athletes, Salt Stick for runners can help prevent muscle cramps and heat stress from excess sweating. Shop now to enjoy our price match promise.

Salt Stick Caps are buffered electrolyte salts designed to replace all the essential salts and minerals lost in sweat. They have the ideal ratio of sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium in their formula, making them perfect for marathon runners and triathlon competitors, especially those training in high temperatures. Salt Sticks also add vitamin D to their capsules, to aid the absorption of calcium.

If you need something more convenient for on-the-go hydration and recovery, we also stock Salt Stick Fastchews in the popular Orange and Lemon-Lime flavours. These handy chews are made to the same scientific formula as the capsules but come in a compact sachet that will easily fit in your running backpack, bike pannier, or gym bag.

If you’re training hard, we stock similar recovery products like AMP Human sports lotion as well as equipment like massage devices and foam rollers to help you get back in the gym, track, or saddle. Be sure to check out our nutrition range too, where you’ll find specially formulated drinks, protein bars, gels, and more to fuel your workouts.

Buy Salt Stick chews for runners today and enjoy stress-free returns within 30 days of purchase.