Collection: CatEye Bike Lights

Stay safe on your cycling adventures with the CatEye bike lights on offer at Start Fitness. Whether you enjoy cycling on foggy days or you’re using a commuter bike to cycle on roads after dark, visibility is absolutely essential. In this collection you’ll find bright lights for your bike to help you be seen in unclear conditions. Shop the full CatEye range below.

CatEye are known for creating some of the most reliable bike lights on the market. The brand strive to keep every cyclist safe while exploring the great outdoors, and the products in this range will help you do just that. We have a great selection to browse here, including CatEye Volt 80 and 100 lights, as well as an AMPP 200 option.

We have a variety to choose from in this collection, so no matter which type of light you’re searching for, you’ll find it here. Our range includes the compact yet bright CatEye rear light for being seen from behind, and if you’re looking for a CatEye front light, you’ll find one in this collection too. These lights are essential not just for being seen, but improving your vision too. If you’re looking to replace both sets of lights, our CatEye light set is a great option for you.

If you like this selection of CatEye bicycle lights, why not browse our even wider range of cycling accessories? Here you’ll find plenty of gear to keep you safe, such as bells, horns, and mirrors, as well as other bike essentials like bike cameras, locks, pumps, and storage. And if you’re looking to kit yourself out with the best gear as well as your bike, make sure to explore our cycling clothing and footwear as well.

Browse the selection of CatEye lights on offer at Start Fitness today and get the option split the cost of your order over three interest-free instalments. Order before 4:00pm to get next day delivery options. Buy online now.