Collection: Santa Cruz Megatower

Upgrade your bike with the Santa Cruz Megatower. Shop the range here at Start Fitness for the latest model Santa Cruz mountain bikes and frames for your mountain bike, all designed by this top MTB brand. Known for its large wheels and killer suspension system, the Megatower is the perfect choice for downhill rides.

Designed with the latest in cycling innovation, the Santa Cruz Megatower frame is a downhill cyclist's best friend. The steep seat tube angle makes scaling climbs a piece of cake, ready for the wildest descents. This is a full-suspension mountain bike that delivers exceptional performance and versatility on a variety of terrains.

At the heart of the Megatower lies its advanced, lightweight, and supremely durable carbon fibre frame. Choose between full carbon CC frames, which offer high-end quality and a lightweight feel, or the lower-budget but equally tough carbon C frame. Whichever you opt for, you can rest assured that you're in for your smoothest, most comfortable ride yet.

Additionally, the Megatower features modern design elements and thoughtful details. All Santa Cruz Megatower 2 models include a handy glovebox within the frame, to keep all your cycling essentials within arm's reach, even while riding the gnarliest of trails.

E-MTB fans may also be interested in the Santa Cruz Heckler and Bullit, two models built for speed, endurance, and downhill riding, all with the benefits of an e-mountain bike.

Shop for a new Santa Cruz Megatower frame or bike from Start Fitness today with Worldwide delivery.