Collection: Women's Crossfit

Browse the collection of women’s crossfit apparel at Start Fitness, and find everything you need to take part in this sport whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced athlete. Crossfit is a form of high interval training, made up of lots of strength exercises that are based on functional movements, and our collection can kit you out to get the most out of it.

Buy crossfit gear for women at Start Fitness and browse for shorts, trainers, tops and more. Crossfit is a varied, functional strength and conditioning workout that everyone can take part in. Using movements like squatting, pushing, and pulling, these workouts build up strength and condition muscles. It’s a great workout for all levels of fitness, and having the right footwear or clothing will make it that much easier and enjoyable.

The right footwear for crossfit will give you the best support and balance, helping you to build good form and complete the exercises to the best of your ability, as well as to prevent injuries and strains. So choosing the right crossfit trainers is very important. The collection at Start Fitness includes many great options, including the Nanos which are very popular with crossfit fans.

In addition to our women’s crossfit collection, we also offer a range of women’s clothing that includes gym clothing specifically, so you can be sure to get kitted out for all your workouts. We also stock women’s crossfit footwear and crossfit clothing for all your workouts.

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