Collection: Thorlos Running Socks

Never to be overlooked, having the right socks for running can keep your feet protected, comfortable and cool. Specifically designed to help improve ventilation and wick excess moisture away as you sweat, Thorlos running socks are known for their performance and durability. Whether you're looking for Thorlos socks with light cushioning to reduce impact, tabbed ankle socks for ease of wear and additional heel protection, or extra lightweight running socks for dynamic comfort, upgrade your running kit in the Thorlos collection below.

As with any other piece of exercise wear, pairing your socks to your activity is critical for getting the most out of yourself and your body. After all, it's easier to push yourself that extra mile when you're feeling comfortable and protected from head to toe. If you can't find the perfect balance of elasticity, weight and cushioning in our Thorlos socks collection, broaden your search to include our full range of brands, including Adidas, Hilly, 1000 Mile and More Mile, in our complete running socks category.