Collection: Skipping Ropes

Shop the fantastic collection of skipping ropes at Start Fitness today. Whether you’re looking for a speed rope to improve your cardiovascular health, or a weighted option to build your strength, we’ve got you covered with this range. You can use them to improve your fitness for a wide range of sports, such as football, running, and cycling. Browse our great range of jump ropes now.

If you’re looking to improve your overall fitness, a skipping rope from this range could be the perfect addition to your workout routine. Depending on the type you choose, a jump rope can help you both build strength and improve your cardio performance. On top of this, they can help you become more agile and improve your fitness coordination, making them a great addition for people who play sport competitively.

We have a wide variety of different types on offer, so you should find the perfect option for you. People looking to build their strength will benefit from a weighted skipping rope from this collection. These will work not just your biceps and forearms, but your calves, quads, abs, and chest muscles too. As well as our range of heavy skipping ropes, you’ll be able to find an effective speed rope in this range. These are particularly effective for athletes looking to develop their footwork, agility, and coordination.

These ropes come in a range of sizes. For tall athletes, a 10ft skipping rope would be the best option. We also stock 9ft jump ropes for adults of average height, and 8ft options for shorter people looking to work on their fitness.

If you’re looking for a skipping rope for fitness, you may also be interested in our wider range of exercise equipment. We stock a great collection of strength training products such as weights and resistance bands, as well as equipment for yoga and pilates.

Shop the Start Fitness range of jump ropes today for UK next day delivery options on orders placed before 4:00pm.