Collection: Scott Addict

If you’re an avid cyclist searching for a premium bike, this Scott Addict range is the perfect choice for you. These high-quality bicycles are incredibly lightweight, making for a thrilling ride. You can rest assured you’re getting a fantastic bike when you shop this range, as Scott are known for their expert design and high quality materials. Browse the full Start Fitness Scott Addict collection below.

We have a fantastic selection of Scott addict gravel, carbon, and electric road bikes to explore here at Start Fitness. Whether you’re looking for a new commuter bike for getting from A to B, or a bike for more adventurous cycling on different terrains, we’ve got you covered with this range.

Our collection includes the popular Scott Addict Gravel 20, a dynamic gravel bike with chunky tires for handling especially rough terrain. With a lightweight frame and excellent tread, this is the perfect climbing bike.

You’ll also find a wide collection of Scott Addict road bikes on offer here, including Scott Addict RC 30 and 20 models. With fully integrated cables and a hollow structure, these extremely lightweight bicycles are sure to give you a competitive edge. And if you’re looking to go even faster on your cycling journey, a Scott Addict eRide is sure to make those longer and more challenging routes a breeze.

Impressed with this Scott Addict road and gravel bike collection and want to see even more products by the brand? Explore our selection of Scott gravel, road, mountain, and electric bikes too, as well as our Scott outlet range for a great deal on this brand’s premium cycling gear.

Elevate your cycling performance and buy a Scott Addict bike from Start Fitness today.