Collection: Renthal

Whether you’re looking for Renthal bars, grips, or stems, you’ll find them in the varied Renthal range at Start Fitness. The products on offer here can enhance both your bike and your cycling performance. If you’re looking for small ways to upgrade your bike, you can’t go wrong with the bike components this brand has to offer. Browse our full Renthal collection below.

In the Renthal bars collection at Start Fitness, you’ll find the popular Renthal FatBar range. These aluminium  handlebars are designed to be lightweight and strong to help cyclists achieve optimum performance. We stock a vast collection here too, so whether you’re looking for Renthal MTB, carbon, or lite FatBars, you’re sure to find an option which perfectly suits your riding style.

As well as a variety of Renthal handlebars, we also have a selection of other products for you to explore. Our choice of Renthal grips can make you feel more in control throughout your cycle journey, and we stock chainrings from this brand too for a variety of different riding conditions. If you’re looking for a Renthal stem, you’ll find that in this range too, including the popular Apex stems.

While Renthal are relatively new to the bicycle market, their vast experience in the motocross industry means they have already solidified themselves as a reliable and trustworthy cycling brand. With quality and reliability being of the utmost importance to the brand, you can rest assured that any Renthal product from this range will be a worthwhile investment.

Whether you’re looking to add a Renthal handlebar, grip, or stem to your collection, you’ll no doubt want the rest of the right gear to make your cycling journeys as enjoyable as possible. We stock a range of other cycling components and accessories, as well as a vast collection of bikes and cycling clothing and footwear, so browse our full range now.

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