Collection: Orange Bikes

Here at Start Fitness we have a wide selection of Orange bikes for you to explore. Based in Halifax, Yorkshire, Orange design some of the highest quality mountain bikes on the market, designed to be used year-round with the UK’s weather and terrain. The team take time to ensure each of the bikes crafted is the best it can possibly be, prioritising reliability, durability, and performance. Explore the full range of Orange mountain bikes below.

An Orange mountain bike is sure to be a great choice for any MTB rider. The iconic cycling brand produce a vast selection of bikes for off-road riding, each one crafted with care and tested to ensure they perform to the highest standard. No matter the style of mountain biking you enjoy, we’ve got the product for you in this range.

If you’re interested in an Orange bike, the good news is that we have a wide variety to choose from. Our range includes the popular Orange Crush bike, a renowned hardtail mountain bike perfect for downhill riding. We also stock an Orange Clockwork bike selection, an ideal all-arounder trail bike and a good choice for those new to mountain biking. And if you’re looking for something which you can also use on the road, you’ll find a versatile Orange gravel bike here too.

If you’re interested in adding an Orange MTB to your collection, you may also want to check out our wider selection of cycling gear, including cycling clothing, footwear, and accessories. We stock an even wider choice of bikes too, including BMX bikes, gravel bikes, road bikes, and more.

Explore the full range of Orange mountain bikes for sale at Start Fitness today.