Collection: Mizuno Wave Rider

If you’re looking for a running shoe that is high performance and favoured by professional athletes, shop the Mizuno Wave Rider range at Start Fitness today. Durable, flexible, and supportive with a great bounce, these shoes are ideal for any ground feel and length of run.

Mizuno Wave Riders are signature shoes from the top running brand, and they’re a great all-rounder for all kinds of runs. In this range, you’ll find the Mizuno Wave Rider 24, 25, and even older models such as the Mizuno Waver rider 22 or 23. We also have Mizuno Wave Riders for both men and women.

Built for speed and stamina, Wave Riders are versatile enough to handle any journey. These shoes feature an innovative midsole foam and wave system to ensure a comfortable bounce that supports and works with you while you run.

You can browse our full Mizuno range to discover more great options from this popular brand, including the Mizuno Wave Inspire. This shoe is another crowd-pleaser but with more corrective features than the Wave Rider. All of our running shoes are from top sports brands and manufacturers and we’re confident they can help you achieve your goals with ease.

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Shop Mizuno Waverider at Start Fitness today.