Collection: Maurten

Shop the Maurten range at Start Fitness today for energy gels, bars, and drink mixes to help you elevate your workouts. This innovative brand have crafted a variety of sports fuel products to help both professional and amateur athletes improve their performances. They only use natural ingredients in their popular drinks, gels, and bars, working with scientists and professional athletes to create the most effective sports fuels on the market. Browse the full range below.

A Maurten gel is sure to enhance your workout, whether you prefer running, cycling, or hitting the gym. Maurten gel 100 is made using just six natural ingredients so you can know exactly what you’re putting into your body. They are unflavoured with no added sweetners and each one includes an impressive 25g of carbohydrates. Our Maurten energy gel range can be used before, during, or after a workout, so no matter when you prefer to take them, a gel from this range is sure to be perfect for you.

You’ll also find a Maurten drink mix range in this collection. All you need to do is mix these sachets with 500ml of water to create an energy boosting sports drink with 80g of carbohydrates. And for those who to prefer to eat solid energy boosters, the Maurten Solid 225 bar has an impressive 44g of carbohydrates to give you the performance boost you need.

If you’re impressed with this Maurten energy gels and drink mixes, you may also want to browse our wider nutrition range. Here, we stock tasty energy sweets to give you a welcome boost during your workout. We also have a wider range of sports accessories which may be of interest to you, including water bottles and shakers, sweat bands, massage guns, and more.

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