Collection: HJC Cycling Helmets

Founded in 1971 in South Korea, the HJC brand has decades of experience when it comes to designing practical and safe cycling helmets. Constant innovators, HJC have perfected the art of streamlined helmets to be more aerodynamic, without compromising on style, functionality, or safety. Establishing a reputation as one of the leading brands in motorsports and cycling headwear, HJC helmets can help to maximise airflow and ventilation and have been tested at different speeds to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for all riders. So, if you're looking for a reliable lightweight bike helmet that can keep you protected when cycling on the roads, browse the full HJC helmet collection below to find a range of sleek colourways and designs.

A bike helmet is an essential for any cyclist, no matter if it's a daily commute to work or an off-road adventure. Though one of the most fundamental pieces of equipment for cycling, there are plenty of ways to ensure that your safety is optimised. If you'll be cycling in dark conditions, we'd suggest investing in some high lumen bike lights and protective knee and elbow guides. If you're an avid cyclist looking for further upgrades and accessories, check out our full cycling collection which is full of practical accessories from GPS computers and mounts to bike bags and storage - perfect for off-road adventures or a cycling rally.