Collection: Garmin Running Watches and Technology

Shop for Garmin running watches and technology here at Start Fitness and find the right watch for your next training session. With modern GPS and running watches, you get much more than you may have had only a few years ago — smartwatch functionality brings features like tracking your routes, altimeters and barometers to help you track your fitness and your running performance. On many models, you can even play music directly from your watch too so you can make your running routes more enjoyable and relaxing.

Garmin GPS running watches are known for their high quality, durability, and style. Here, we stock many different models, such as the Garmin Fenix, Enduro, Forerunner, and Instinct 2 Solar watches.

The features offered by these watches vary through the different models. If you run long-distance trails, you might be interested in the Garmin Enduro, which has an industry-leading battery life, along with the ability to solar charge, extending the battery more. The Forerunner is one of the best value-for-money running watches on the market. It offers great settings for triathletes and extremely accurate data due to being able to pick up signals from multiple satellites and filter out the right points.

If you are interested in expanding your training sessions, check out our running technology section, which has many other watches and gadgets on offer for you to choose from. Our running section also includes running clothing, footwear and accessories so you can kit yourself out fully for your next race.

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