Collection: Coros GPS Watches

Coros are leading developers of premium fitness watches that can help you to track and optimise your performance. Designed for all athletes, these GPS watches have been created with the highest grade hardware and latest innovative tech so they can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions, making them perfect for adventure seekers and everyday athletes alike. Whether you're looking to monitor your heart rate zones, track running times, or keep a close eye on your health metrics to plan your exercise regime, Coros watches use advanced tech and intuitive design to ensure that users have a product they can rely on. If you're headed on an outdoor exploration or are looking to upgrade your current fitness watch, browse the full range of Coros GPS fitness watches styles below.

The right fitness watch can make a huge difference to your exercise routine. If the Coros collection hasn't caught your eye, we've got plenty more options available from other leading brands such as Garmin and Polar. Simply browse through our full GPS watch and fitness tracker collection so that you can find something that is perfectly suited to you and within your budget. Alternatively, we have a wide range of other tech items to help enhance your workout. This includes wireless headphones suited for sports and massage guns to help you recover after intense training sessions. Browse the full fitness tech collection today to find what you're looking for.