Collection: Asics Gel Nimbus

The Asics Gel Nimbus is a go-to choice if you are looking for stylish, functional footwear for running. It offers superior comfort and quality due to the innovative gel technology within the design, and brings the support you need for long-distance running with its cushioning and bounce. Whether you are just starting your running journey, or you’re an expert athlete, the Gel Nimbus is a great choice to help you get a personal best with each outing.

If you’re looking for fashionable functional footwear for running, the Asics Nimbus offer a unique design to really give you the bouncy surface that you need to keep you on your toes. This well-known activewear brand is renowned for being the first choice for many runners, particularly those who do long-distance running. They can also be great if you’re running in a paved or city environment, as they offer a sole with comfort and insulation against the hard surface to protect your feet.

As well as the unparalleled sole, the Gel Nimbus has been developed with an extremely durable upper section, and even includes some recycled materials so you can make your runs more sustainable as a bonus. This shoe has also been modelled differently to suit both men and women, with the men’s version being stiffer to offer more support to increase body weight and the Asics ladies’ Gel Nimbus being more flexible and lighter.

If you are a fan of the brand, we also offer a full range of Asics pieces, including both men’s and women’s footwear, including the popular Gel Kayano, GT 1000, and Gel Pulse shoe ranges. As well as extensive footwear, we also offer Asics clothing, so be sure to browse our full Asics range.

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