Collection: Adidas Takumi Sen Running Shoes

Unleash your potential with Adidas Takumi Sen, precision-engineered running shoes. Created to drive performance and speed, this range provides innovative technology such as Lightstrike Pro cushioning and ENERGYRODS for limited energy loss. Achieve your personal best with running shoes that are tuned for speed, and shop Adidas Takumi Sen 8, Takumi Sen 9 and Takumi Sen 10 generations.

The Adidas Takumi Sen is a 'super shoe' that helps to fine tune your running performance and enhance your speed. The Adidas Takumi Sen range features exclusive technological features that work to support your running without weighing you down. Created in 2013 with the introduction of the AdiZero range, Adidas continue to adapt, innovate and enhance the Takumi Sen model, and you can shop the 8th, 9th and 10th generations here at Start Fitness.